TAL EL WARED is a residential project located in the prestigious area of Dohat El Hoss overlooking impressive views of the coastal highway and the Mediterranean Sea.

The project offers a variety of choices suiting everyone’s taste by merging the stillness of the countryside and the dynamic pace of urban living.

15-minutes away from Beirut’s Central district, Tal el Ward is a picturesque village composed of 5-building residential assembly nestled in the greenery landscape of Dohat el Hoss.

Tal el Ward is a 10,084 sq.m gated residential compound featuring five blocks carefully designed to cater all needs and complete your satisfaction. Each apartment is comprised of three or four bedrooms, and of areas starting from 146 to 420 sq.m.  In addition to duplex apartments of 650 sq.m area and extensive gardens that provide children’s play areas.  Moreover, residents can benefit from various amenities including a parking space, storage rooms and studios.

Our residents can also exercise in the gymnasium and follow up their work-out with a dip in the indoor swimming pool as well as enjoy company of friends in the multi-purpose hall.

B. CHEZ MOON is a new concept situated in the area of Bchamoun located about 12 km away from Beirut and Hariri International Airport. The project majestically stands on a mountain hill overlooking the magnificent scenery of the Mediterranean Sea. 1 minute away from the coastal highway, B. CHEZ MOON Village is constructed in a location that has long captured the attention of real estate companies for its ideal position that offers residents a serene and tranquil stay halfway between the city and the Village.

Spread across 35,000sqm, B. CHEZ MOON Village is a gated and secured residential compound, with security cameras spread across the entire area, featuring 10 unique twin buildings. Each building is composed of 2 symmetrical blocks forming a cluster of 500 fancy and beautifully designed 2 or 3-bedroom apartments and of areas starting from 112sqm to 137sqm.

Aside from the buildings, a 5,000sqm Mall situated in the heart of the Village is the cherry on the top of this project. Aside from the buildings, a 5,000sqm Mall situated in the heart of the Village is the cherry on the top of this project. The hybrid nature of B. CHEZ MOON being a mix of a contemporary residential area built in the middle of a village-like zone overflowing with massive green landscapes make B. CHEZ MOON a one of a kind compound.